Our hearts

We are in our 60's with 3 married 'children' and 7 grandchildren and our names are Rob & Jean Hardie.  We moved to The Algarve in 2012 to finish restoring Casa Lydia which we have owned since 2003.  We love the result and can't wait to share it with people we want to give a bit of help to.  It's such a quiet, pretty location where the worries and the stresses of life can be laid aside.

A great experience

We did some mission/development work with a Christian mission back in the 80's in the middle of the rain forest in DR Congo, Central Africa.  It was a great experience when we probably learnt far more than we were able to give.  Our children loved it and it was a wonderful family time as well. In fact it was special.  A special time with special people.  As most people who work in a cross cultural situation find out it's not always easy and there are plenty of challenges.

Rest and Relaxation

It's those people in Christian work in difficult places and situations that we want to share our house with.  So they can have a time of rest, reflection and refreshment. It's a simple retreat with areas to sit and contemplate or just 'be'!


We know that such people don't have extra money for holidays and so we want to make it as economical as possible.  We hope you like our website and if you pray perhaps you could ask God to bring the right people to Casa Lydia.  God bless you.  Rob & Jean Hardie